Financial Planning

We use a holistic approach that encompasses all of your available assets. We use a comprehensive and disciplined process comprised of the following steps:

  • Establish goals
  • Identify Resources
  • Risk Assessment
  • Asset Allocation
  • Model potential outcomes
  • Creating an action plan
  • Execute Plan
  • Review progress and make adjustments

Establish goals: - We help our clients articulate their goals and work with them to quantify what they will actually need to achieve them.

Identify Resources: - We then identify the resources and revenue streams that have been earmarked to fund this goal to date and what will be available to fund the remaining portion of the goal.

Risk Assessment: - We utilize a variety of tools in assessing your willingness and ability to take investment risk. This will allow us to formulate an investment strategy that maximizes your ability to achieve your goals.

Asset Allocation: - We calculate your current allocations to each major asset class and a proposed asset allocation based upon the risk assessment and your investment horizon. This is an important step in our helping your translate the financial plan into a specific investment strategy designed specifically for you.

Model potential outcomes: - Utilizing sophisticated software to model progress toward meeting their goal, we perform Monte Carlo simulations and “What If” scenarios so clients can see and understand the trade-offs among variables such as how much to save or invest, how much investment risk they are willing to take, when they can achieve their goal and how much they will have at that point.

Creating an action plan: - Once we have reviewed our initial findings, we review and reassess your goals, fine tuning as needed. At this point we establish a final plan and provide recommendations. The result is an actionable solution that you can adhere to even when markets are chaotic.

Execute Plan: - We work with you to execute the decisions we have helped you make. We can also serve as a “quarterback” in coordinating the whole process with you and other professionals, such as your estate planning attorney or CPA.

Review progress and make adjustments: - We review your progress with you on a regular basis and recommend adjustments as needed so that you will see a consistent pattern of making progress in achieving your goals.