Financial Planning Capabilities

Life eventFinancial Concerns
RetirementRetirement Income Needs
Closing an Income Gap
Social Security Retirement Benefits and claiming strategies
Forming RelationshipsGetting Married
Merging Money and Integrating Benefits
Prenuptial Agreements
Estate PlanningCreating Wills and Trusts
Life insurance
Estate tax strategies and multi-generational planning
Severing RelationshipDealing with Divorce
Insurance Concerns
Replacing Health Insurance
Children & EducationCollege Saving and Lowering Costs
Financial Aid, Education Tax Credits
Teaching about borrowing, investing and giving
Job relatedEvaluating the company’s investment programs and benefits
What to do with former 401(k)
Handling 401(k) distributions upon leaving work
Buying a HomeHow much can I afford & down payments
Getting pre-qualified and checking your credit
Selling a HomeEvaluating the offer
Tax consequences and strategies
Reinvesting proceeds
Caring for Loved OnesCaring for Aging Parents
Housing Options
Long-Term Care Insurance
Loss of a Loved OneSettling the estate and dealing with their finances
Eligibility for Social Security Survivor’s Benefits
Collecting Life Insurance Benefits