Nonprofit Consulting

At Heffernan Investment Services, we are committed to providing non-profit clients with tools that help their organization grow, and investment management services based on our disciplined process. Our experienced team collaborates with non-profits to evaluate their unique needs, offering actionable solutions and support striving to ensure that our programs are firmly based on industry best practices.

Our comprehensive approach includes assistance with the following:

Investment Policy Statements

Investment Policy Statements are often written by portfolio managers to reflect their areas of competency and biases after they have been retained by a client. At Heffernan Investment Services, we seek to develop policy frameworks and guidelines that accurately reflect the objectives of the organization. We work to develop benchmarks and target rates of return that are realistic and appropriate to the policy and objectives.

Donor Gifting Advisory Services

Heffernan's team of in-house professionals will meet with potential donors to advise them on their gift and our expertise covers areas such as: estate planning, financial planning, charitable giving, investment management and insurance planning.

Endowment Management

We will undertake a review of the current portfolio and conduct a complete performance evaluation. Particular attention is paid to the existing policy and evaluation framework. As needed, our team will help you build an appropriate asset allocation, perform due diligence on money managers and investment vehicles and manage the investment allocation on an on-going basis. Heffernan's endowment advisory services are an integral component of our overall goals driven approach to advising our clients. We seek to provide you with returns that are consistent, competitive, and in-line with your objectives. Clients typically are exposed to a level of risk that they need to take in order to meet their organizational income objectives and we limit risk by focusing on broad diversification and a disciplined approach.

Note: Keep in mind that while diversification may help reduce volatility and risk, it does not guarantee future performance.

Accounting & Recordkeeping

As the growing requirements for enhanced accounting and reporting capabilities strain the NPO resources, there's a need for faster, easier and more efficient ways of preparing donor accounting reports.

Heffernan Investment Services, working with our strategic partners, provides innovative strategies to help meet your objectives. Our participant accounting capabilities are designed specifically to improve your data integrity and reduce the time it takes to produce increasingly more complex reports. Through our strategic partners, we offer the latest technology, backed by dedicated client support teams, to streamline the operations of our NPO clients across multiple funds and entities. We can customize donor accounting statements and track multiple sub-accounts, entities and types of transactions.

Our services help you better monitor your investments, optimize earnings allocations and minimize fees—ultimately making your job easier.

Social & Moral Investment Screening

Heffernan Investment Services, working with our strategic partners, offers clients the opportunity to customize products and services to meet their individual investment needs. Our specialized research solutions and support services include: customized portfolio audits, universe reviews, buy lists and restricted lists; specialized issue research; social investment policies and screening guidelines and customized company reports. Consulting products and services are tailored to a client's specific needs with customized content, formatting, and delivery schedules. Animal welfare and stem cell research are two examples of the screens we can impose on the investment process.

**Fees & compensation: Heffernan Investment Services is a fee for service firm only. Typically our firm's fee is based on a percentage of assets managed and covers all of our services. No finders fees or commissions are accepted from investment managers. If we are not managing assets, then our fees are quoted based on the time involved to complete each project. Each client will be quoted a fee at the start of a project and that fee will be fixed unless the client significantly changes the mandate. Billing arrangements and frequency are determined based on the scope and nature of each assignment